KML Tools: KML to DXF Convertor

Generate DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) lines from a KML file or by entering x,y or x,y,z coordinates separated by spaces. KML Polygon, MultiGeometry, LinearRing and LineString coordinates are supported. Latitude,longitude coordinates in the KML file will automatically be converted to UTM. Large KML geometries that span multiple UTM zones will be relative to the zone of the first coordinate (see UTM help for an explanatinon). Coordinates that you enter must already be UTM (or other cartesian coordinates). Use Geo Convertor to convert latitude,longitude coordinates to UTM. Separate different lines by vertical bars (|), otherwise all coordinates are treated as a single line.

KML file:
Coordinate data:
Units: Meters   Feet   None
Drawing extent:1
Relative to origin:2


1: Optional pair of coordinates to use as the drawing extent ($EXTMIN,$EXTMAX). By default, the extent of the lines is used.
2: Shift coordinates so they are relative to the origin (0,0)
3: Optional drawing layer. Layer 0 is the default layer for SketchUp.


The following points make a letter "M" from 4 lines:

The drawing extent is a 400x200 rectangle, i.e.,