KML Tools: Generate KML from CSV

Generate a KML file of placemarks or a track from a CSV file. The document name and CSV data file are required; all other fields are optional. If the schema file is omitted however, the first column of data is treated as a name and the second column is treated as a location (address or latitude,longitude). More help can be found here.

Geometry: Places Track
Document name:
Document description (optional):
CSV data file (required):
Schema file (optional):1
Format file (optional):
Icon (optional):  More icons
Collapse (optional):2
Output: Text (screen)
KML (download)
Password (required for hosting):


1: If no schema file is given, the first column of data must be a name and the second column must be a location.
3: Collapse track to every N track data points. Useful for large data sets.
3: Hosted KML files are visible to the public. A password is required.


Sample CSV file of McLaren Vale wineries. Note that latitude,longitude pairs are used for locations since the addresses are imprecise.