KML Tools: Convert Geo Coordinates

Convert latitude,longitude coordinates to UTM coordinates (easting,northing) or vice versa.

Latitude,longitude pairs:1
Longitude,latitude pairs:2
UTM coordinate pairs:3
UTM grid zone:4
Decimal points:5
Reverse inputs:


1: Latitudes and longtitudes are expressed as decimal degrees, e.g., -34.928661,138.599975
2: KML represents coordinates in longitude,latitude order, so use this if copying coordinates from a KML file
3: UTM coordindates are represented as an easting,northing pair using UTM Grid WGS 1984, e.g. 280781.6,6132238.4
4: Specify grid zone when converting from UTM, e.g., 54H is zone number 54, latitude band H
5: Round to this many decimal points. 7 is recommended for latitude,longtitude values.