KML Tools: GPX to KML Convertor

Convert a GPX (GPS Exchange Format) file to a KML file. Select 'Track' for the KML type to create a ground-level track. Select 'Tour' tour to create an aerial tour. To play the tour in Google Earth double click on the camera icon .

GPX file:
Document name (optional):
KML type: Track   Tour
Tour parameters (optional):
  Period (seconds)1:
  Tilt (degrees)2:
Output: Text (screen)
KML (download)
Password (required for hosting):


1: Period is the number of seconds between GPX samples.
2: Tilt is the camera angle of view, where 0° is aiming straight down and 90° is aiming straight ahead.
3: Hosted KML files are visible to the public. A password is required.